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Artikel & Karya Ilmiah  |  30 October 2018 - 20:58

Penolakan Orang Asing Ke Indonesia Melalui Tempat Pemeriksaan Imigrasi Di Bandara Internasional: Sebuah Kedaulatan Absolut

Kategori : Karya Ilmiah

This paper is to discuss the implementation of denied entry person into Indonesia in term of a national sovereignty. The security approach and selective policy are two main features in analyzing the provisions and practice of refusing an inadmissible person for immigration reasons at Immigration border controls across Indonesian international airports. Relating to law enforcement at borders, this is also to identify how immigration officers play important roles subject to Indonesian immigration policy and laws.


Keywords: Denied entry person, security approach, selective policy, immigration borders

Download File Dokumen (Penolakan Orang Asing ke Indonesia melalui Tempat Pemeriksaan Imigrasi Di Bandara Internasional Sebuah Kedaulatan Absolut.pdf)